You Have an Enemy, It’s Not Your Spouse

It’s no secret that the closest relationship to God that we can experience on earth is with our spouse.  Given the level of intimacy, sacrifice, love and care that can be achieved, this makes sense.  What is a bit of a mystery is how we get from the potential of that level of closeness to 60% divorce rate among Christians.

I read a great statement the other day regarding this reality.  “You have an enemy, it is not your spouse.”  Put very bluntly, Satan hates marriage.  Why wouldn’t he?  If marriage can give us the closest representation of Christ’s love, then it makes sense that he would stop at no lengths to destroy the covenant of marriage.  So much is at stake for him.  If we team up with our spouses and learn to love and serve one another and others together, then we are going to be a walking representation of Christ!  That is not a good thing for the Evil One.  He can just have a bunch of “little Christ’s” walking around, so he does his best to convince husbands and wives that their greatest enemy is one another.  The result: broken relationship and a poor representation of the “life to the fullest” marital bond that our Father desires for us.

So what can we do to combat this assault?  The thing that works best for us is to pray together every night before we go to bed.  We have been doing this for the past 7 years or so and it makes all the difference.  Also, when things get a little heated in day-to-day life, one of us usually has the sense to say, “Hey, were on the same team here.”  The most ironic thing in all of this is working together against the attempts of Satan bring us closer together.

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I “stumbled” across your blog as I was going through the “favorites” list! So glad I did! I heard a quote this week from Mother Teresa that I have pondered. She was talking about how God forgives AND forgets. She said that forgiveness is an act of charity or love (and the will), but that forgetfulness is an act of humility. In regards to marriage counseling, one of the best pieces of advice came from my mother who told me early in my marriage to Rob that pride makes a lonely bed partner. She was so right. Marriage is a great place to practice humility. I tell young brides that the three words that will mean the most to their husband are “I was wrong.” (Or, “you were right.” ) A little tough to say at first, but if one is a slow learner like I am, you get better at it. My dad told me on more than one occasion that the best thing about “crow” is that the more you eat, the easier it goes down!
How is Anna? When is the BABE coming??
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