You alone are God

“For who is God but the Lord, and who is a rock except our God”  Ps 16:31

This verse takes me back to a book that my mentor gave me a few years ago that had a big impact on my life, “Who is God, Who am I, Who are You?”  In this book, the author give a great explanation of pride: “The passion of pride convinces a person, down inside himself, that he can get along without God.”  Pride is believing that we are God, that we are in control of our own lives.  Ps 16 confronts us with the reality that there is only one God, one rock, one refuge, and it is not us.  Sometimes my tedency is believe that I can go it alone, “I’ve got this one Lord, I’ll call on You for a bigger issue.”  Other times my tendency is to give others the power that only God has, the power to define who I am or what I am worth.  The truth is that no one, including me, is God.  You God, alone, are God.  “You make my feet like hinds feet, You set me upon high places, You train my hands for battle (v33).

Prayer: You are God, You alone are in control.  Take control of my life today.  I surrender!  Amen

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