“Worship” songs can lead us astray

There’s a worship song that came out a few years ago: “I’m here to meet with You, come and meet with me.  I’m here to find You, reveal yourself to me…”  The subtle message of that song scares me!  The writer believes, and encourages us to believe, that it is about us, that we are the initiator.  I asked an intern that I was training one year, “When you decide to have your time with Jesus, who begins it?”  She quickly replied, “I do.  I show up and begin the time.”

I could not disagree more with the writer or intern.  We don’t initiate anything.  Our part is to respond.  At all times God is in communion with himself as Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  What happens when we sit down to get time with the Lord is not a beginning of something, but a joining.  We are simply entering into an ongoing conversation, an ongoing relationship, we have been invited into.  God is the initiator.  Our part is to listen and respond.

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