Worries of the world

Talk about a good time for justifiable worry.  Just turn on the tv, steam the news, look at the realities of our country, heck our world, and there is every reason to worry.

Luke 8 tells the story of 4 soils.  The third type of soil describes us to a T.  “But all too quickly the message is crowded out by the worries of the world, the desire for riches and the pleasures of life.” (v 14)

The worries of the world often take precedence. Even in times of periodic faith, we quickly default to “those things” instead of the things of God.desire for riches is a desire to build our own kingdom.  To take care of our provisions on our own and not go to God.  The pleasures of life are selfish desires.  Desires that will please us, but not necessarily please God.  Ultimately, pursuit of these desires keep us from entering into the joy of the Kingdom of God.

So what will we chose today?  Worry, desire, pleasure or the Kingdom?

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