What I Want Our Kids to Know

Three weeks ago our daughter, Hadassah Grace Petree was born!  What a joy!  In fact, that is one of the Hebrew meanings of her name: JOY.  Her name comes from the book of Ester.  Hadassah was Ester’s given name before Mordacai renamed her so that she would fit in with the people of Persia.

Although we have two other sweet little ones running around, something spurned up in me with the birth of Hadassah.  What do I want them to know, to learn, what is central????  We seem to spend a lot of time asking ourselves that question.  What is central, what matters, why are we really here on this earth?  Maybe we know in our head that the answer is Jesus, but something in us is inclined to think everything else is the answer.  Let me type that again, slowly, if that is possible.   Something   in   us   is inclined    to   think   everything   else   is   the   answer, but we rarely stop to consider the one thing that is the answer, Jesus.

What is your answer?  The latest fashion, a better job, more income, that car you have had your eye on, the newest iphone?  Maybe you seek friendship as the answer, or maybe you try to spend more time alone.  If we are single are you looking for a mate to fulfill you, or if you are married are you blaming your spouse for your unhappiness?  I have tried most of that list myself, and nothing on it is the answer. There is only one answer to this life: a growing relationship with our Creator.  If I don’t model that to our children, then I will have kept the best news of life a secret from them.

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