What I Want Our Kids to Know (continued)

I few days ago I wrote about what I want our kids to know.  In addition to teaching them that a growing relationship with Jesus is the most foundation aspect of life, I also want them to know about Jesus’ other great command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  I have learned this experientially along the way the past 10 years of my life, but the foundation of how to do it came from a great teacher of mine, Howard Hendrix.  This is the summation of his teaching:

  1. Enrich your circle of friends
    1. The goal is not to enlarge it, but to deepen it
      1. Prov 17: 17 “A friend loves at all times…”
      2. Prov 18:24 “…friend who sticks closer than a brother.”
        1. Prov 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron…”
    2. Become and seek out true biblical friends

Three characteristics of a true biblical friend:

a.  Person who knows all about us and totally accepts us.

b.  A person with whom we can share our most heretical, ridiculous ideas without being rejected.

c.  A person who can confront us in the most personal areas of our life without our becoming defensive.

(the second part of his teaching on Jesus’ command to follow…)

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