What Do You Want to Move Away From? Lent 2017

What if in the next 6 weeks you could make noticeable progress in moving away from that thing in your life that you keep returning to that bogs you down. You know the thing. It’s a mindset, self-talk, a “loop” if you will, that you find yourself returning to again and again. Occasionally you feel relief, but eventually you end up back in that same lane. The lane has become a rut and you end up back where you hoped you would never return again.

It is possible to move away from that way of thinking that often gets you down, and move toward living more in the way you long to live. In the fall of 2016 my wife Anna and I spent a weekend with three other couples and Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers, PhD exploring two questions: What do you want to move away from? What do you want to move toward? Each individual and couple was invited to spend time with these two questions prior to our weekend together. It turned out to be a fascinating exercise for us all. I’ll be sharing about my answer to these two questions during the next few weeks of the season of Lent.

Lent begins tomorrow (Ash Wedndesday). It is a perfect time to think about the thing in your life you want to move away from.  That is what Jesus was inviting people into when he made his first recorded speech, “…repent and believe in the gospel.” (Mark 1:15) The word, μετανοέω, is the invitation to re-think your life, to re-evaluate, take action and go a different way. Repent, μετανοέω was never about being sorry for something or asking for forgiveness only. μετανοέω along with the season of Lent is an opportunity to re-think, take action and go a different way. And it’s possible for you!

During these next six weeks leading up to Easter you can identify what you want to move away from and actually begin to move.

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