We have to remember

This weekend I went on a guys trip, and most of the stories we told were things we had experienced on past trips.  One of the best things about getting together with buddies is telling stories about what has happened in the past.  Things we have done together at other times become the conversation today.  The things we are experiencing together today will be the stories of tomorrow.  I’ve been told that my stories can go a little long (mainly because of the southern drawl), but i can’t help but give a good recap of what has happened in the past.

Moses is a big fan of storytelling.  The whole first 6 chapters of Deut are a recap of all the Lord has done for he and his people.  “Be careful not to forget the Lord, who rescued you from slavery…You must fear the Lord your God and serve Him.”  (Deut 6:12)  First Moses reninds the people over and over about the rescue, and then he tells them to fear God, have reverence for Him, to place Him forst in their lives.

Reminding ourselves of all that God has done is so key.  It’s too easy to get caught up in today and forget all the Lord has done to get us to this moment.  The truth is that we have been rescued over and over.  We are God’s sons, He is our Father.  May we take time each moring to remember who God is and who is in control of our lives.

Prayer:  Oh Daddy, may I live ths day not based on feelings, but on the reality of your rescue.  Amen

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