We Did It Anyway

The sun continues to shine in Seattle!  It provides a great excuse to reflect on the goodness of the summer.  Living in a place the past 11 years that covets sunshine, I have joined in the adventure of being outside as much as possible when the sun is shining.  With three little kids it would be much easier to just hunker down and go with the notion, “We’ll get out there next summer and go for it.”  We decided to get out there and do it anyway.

“Getting out there” involved going to the park, swimming, on a bike ride or to a friends’ house with the kids after I got home from work most days.  Choosing an evening walk over sitting on the couch, eating our supper outside when it would have been much easier to stay in the comfortable routine of inside eating with the kids, random trips to the zoo, running through the sprinkler WITH the kids, and on and on.  We did three weekend trips with the family in August.  It wasn’t easy.  Just the packing and unpacking alone were enough to make us want to cancel any future plans for adventure, but we did it anyway.

Anna unpacked the last bag last night and I took it down to the basement.  I found myself doing a quick recap of the summer and all we did as a family.  It wasn’t easy, and for the most part wasn’t relaxing, but it was good, really good.   We just did it anyway.

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