Was Jesus really all that special?

Jesus wasn’t that special.  In fact, he was just a copycat.  It’s no wonder the Jews and Pharisees weren’t convinced he was the Messiah.  He simply did miracles that had already been performed by prophets ahead of him.  In 2 Kings, Elisha, caused a child to rise from the de ad (4:32ff), feed 100’s with very little (v43-45), and told a guy to go wash in the river to be healed (v5:13-14).  These teachers of the law knew of the miracles of Elisha, and just thought Jesus was a special prophet.  Some even thought he was Elijah reincarnate.

Do I view Jesus and God, or just another great prophet who can do good things for me?  Do I really consider that I have access to God today?  We have the unspeakable privilege of being with God and God alone, but often we want only the miracles.  We plead for healing or for some situation to be taken from us, but we rarely plead for the living God.   The truth is that we have the privilege of simply being with God today.   Jesus is so much more than just a great prophet, and he want to be in intimate communion with us this day.

Prayer:  Lord, you have invited me into intimate communion with you today.  Help me to live into that.  Amen

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