Using the “S” Word

It took me a while to learn the “s” word.  I was afraid to say it because I thought was admitting defeat.  I was scared to let the word approach my lips because I thought I had convinced myself that by doing so I was losing ground.   You can imagine my surprise when I realized the word Sorry was actually liberating and freeing.

It is amazing the witness the power of apology, genuine apology that is not coupled with excuse or justification.  The words, “I’m sorry” are so powerful!  I don’t know of any other phase that can change the tone of an interaction with someone.   What is it about this phase that is so transformational?   Saying “I’m sorry” is admitting that we made a mistake.  It is caring for someone above concern that we are justified.  It is acknowledging that we caused hurt and desiring to repair that hurt.  It is also the doorway through which forgiveness and reconciliation can take place.  Real apology is so disarming, and most often leads to better understating and communication in the relationship.

So next time you want to dig your heals in and stand your ground ask yourself what is more important: the person in front of you, or being justified.

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