“Unplugging” for Advent

The Advent season kicks off this coming Sunday, November 30th. Advent is the season of preparation for Christmas. Followers of Jesus prepare for celebrating his birth by remembering the longing of the Jews for a Messiah. Did you know that God went silent for 400 years before Jesus came as a baby? Crazy!

In Advent, we’re reminded of how much we, like the Jews back then, also need a Savior. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming” or “visit.” In these 4 weeks leading up to Christmas day we have a chance to pause and reflect on Jesus’ coming to us. What God did through Jesus changed everything!

Anna and I were talking last week about how easy it is to get distracted. She threw out the idea of a conscious “unplugging” as a family during the Advent season. We want to be more present with our kids and each other and changing a few patterns for a season seems like a good idea. We are not quite sure what it is going to look like, but we are going to commit to it and see what happens.



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To begin, we are turning off all electronics (phones, ipads, e-readers, etc.) from Saturday evening until Monday morning. Since the Advent season begins Sunday we decided to start with a “technology fast” of sorts and let that time away from the devices guide our next steps.

We’ll see what happens. Here we go…

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