Try the other side of the boat

Is what you are doing working for you?  Are you going along in life doing whatever you want, whenever you want to?  Up to this point in your life, have their been no consequences to your choices?  Is life in your eyes great?  If so Jesus’ words in John 21 won’t make sense.   You remember the scene, Jesus has been killed and his friends go back to their old ways, fishing.  Jesus appears once again and says, “Are you catching anything? They answered Him, ‘No’.  And He said to them, ‘Try the other side of the boat…’” (Jn 21:5-6)  If life has not turned out the way you wished it would, and you’ve realized that living life on your own term really isn’t life at all then maybe Jesus’ suggestion makes sense.  Try the other side of the boat.

Are you catching anything?  Is life working out the way you hoped it would?  Chances are, if you are not trying to do life with God then it’s not working; or it’s working temporarily.  Sooner or later we realize that the only way to live is in a personal relationship with this one named Jesus.  Jesus’ friends realized it that day.  “Try the other side of the boat” he said, and they caught an amazing amount of fish.

There’s much more than fish at stake for us.  It’s a matter of life or death.  We have a choice to try the other side of the boat, to live our daily lives with the one who created life.  My suggestion is the same as Jesus’ suggestion to his friends – Try the right side of the boat.  Try living today with Christ.

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