Things I’ve Learned in 2011

One of the things I have been doing for years is taking to the month of December to look back through my journal and reflect on all the Lord has been up to in the year. I’ll be doing the same thing this year and plan on writing about some of the lessons along the way. The Lord has been gracious enough to give me a theme for the year the past few years. The theme for 2011 has been rest and Sabbath.

As I head into the month of the December and this time of reflection, the 30,000 ft view of the year is that the Lord has been so gracious to meet me once again in the midst of the theme for the year. Rest, and especially Sabbath rest, is such a forgotten practice. There is so much teaching in the Bible about the importance of rest, yet our culture treats rest as a weakness. Busyness is put up on a pedestal and is our societies measurement for a persons’ value. How did we get so far away from the teaching of Scripture on the importance of rest?

One thing I have learned during 2011 is the only way to combat the temptation to get value from busyness is to REST. It sounds way to simple, and seems impossible, but I decided to give it a try…and it’s working! I’ll be writing more on ways the Lord has taught me to rest in 2011, but the best place to start for any of us is to identify what feels restful and then do that.

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