The ultimate relationship

Was the communion of God actually broken?  Did the Father actually “leave” the Son on the Cross? (Matt 27:46) I would have to venture to say that it was broken.  The communion which has always been between Father, Son and Holy Spirit was broken.  For how long?… I don’t know.  The communion was broken though, and it was broken to invite us into that sacred communion once and for all.

Jesus gave up his place in the ultimate communion between Father, Son and Holy Spirit in order to allow us access, in order to invite us in!  Our communion with God was broken in the Garden of Eden, and our restoration of that communion began in the Garden of Gesemene.  Wow!  Since the Fall of Adam, it had only been God that experienced that communion.  Through the Cross and because of what happened early that Sunday morning, we have been given access into the best relationship that is available to us.  Not only are we invited in, but all humanity has been placed in communion with God.  One only needs to become aware of that reality and live into that relationship.  It is where we are.

Prayer:  Oh God: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, that you for breaking up your community in order to give me access to your everlasting communion.  May I live into You today.  Amen

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