The summer ends: Gratitude

I took a few months off from logging into wordpress and it was good.  Anna, the kids and I had a great summer!  I forget how good this season is in the Northwest.  This pic was my favorite.  It tells the story better than I can in words.  It is Moriah and Elijah and the end of a good summer day…

I heard a story yesterday at church that helps sum up my summer regarding ministry.  A teacher had a student come to him and ask him how to get revival started in his community.  The young man was very eager to get things under way.  The teacher drew a big circle with chalk on the sidewalk and ask his student to get in the circle.  The teacher said, “Now, ask the Lord to convert everyone in the circle.  That is where revival begins.”  It has been a refining summer for me with the Lord.  A few weeks ago my attitude switched from, “What is happening!  This process is so hard” to, “This is God’s grace and His pursuit of me.”

As I begin the fall I am grateful.  Grateful for my sweet wife who loves me and walks with me.  Grateful for our three little kiddos and getting to be their dad.  Grateful that the Lord cares so much about us that He takes us through rough waters to make us more like himself.  And, grateful that I get to walk with men as we walk toward Jesus together.

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