The statement that silenced them

Today is the thesis statement.  When I began this new blog series on belief after Easter, I knew this day would come eventually.  Going through all 4 Gospels, here we are week 6, John 6.  By this time Jesus’ disciples are starting to get somewhat get it.  They don’t understand the big picture yet, but they are beginning to ask good questions.  They don’t see Jesus as the Son of God, but they, at least, recognize that He is doing the work of God.  They want in on that.  So that just flat out ask Him.

Jesus is not big on answering questions directly.  In fact, I believe He only answered three point blank, and one is coming.  His disciples ask, “What must we do to do the work of God?”  (Jn 6:29)  Expecting a list of things, these guys anxiously await the answer. Jesus responds, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” Are you kidding me?  Where is the list, what about the 10 Commandments, what about all of the other stuff?  According to Jesus all of those things pale in comparison to belief.  Wow!

Jesus has been saying it and showing it through the first 5 Chapters of all 4 Gospels, and now it is overwhelmingly clear.  All of life is about believing.  All of work is about believing.  Do we believe?

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