The Spirit (the sequel)

(if you didn’t read my last post, back up and read “Spirit”, this is the sequel)  As if the last reality wasn’t enough, this takes the Spirit to a whole new level:  “The Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.” (1 Jn 4:4)

Another unbelievable truth!  This Spirit that is in us is powerful, awesome, and IS our strength against the Evil One.  The spirit of God, which happens to be in us, is far superior to Satan.  It’s easy to believe that on paper, but when it comes down to our day to day lives, do we live into this?

Let’s be honest, all of the outward signs of our world suggest that evil has taken over.  It’s very easy to get into the mentality that life is against us, “what’s the use?”, “why even try?”  If I hear one more person (or myself for that matter) say, “It’s just so hard”, I might punch something! Going through life pointing out the next obstacle that is “so hard”, is living life believing that the Spirit in us IS NOT greater than the spirit in the world.  It’s hard, so what!  Either the Lord is in control or He is not.  Either the Spirit is in us or not.  And IF we believe the Scripture that the Spirit is in us, then it should radically change our outlook on today.

Maybe we can start giving some credit to this incredible gift of the Holy Spirit in us.  It might just change everything…

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