Lent Day 24: “The Rest of The Story…”

Just so you don’t get all wrapped around the axle, I’ll just come right out with it….mine was alcohol. I toyed with it for years….and then it toyed with me. Alcohol isn’t bad in and of itself. Scores and millions are able to imbibe and experience no harm.

But, it grabs a few of us. Just like other “stuff” grabs YOU. Truth is, I’m grateful mine was alcohol…. Fortunately for me excessiveness in that area is obvious and unacceptable. It made me face myself with an honesty I never knew existed… It’s you non-alcoholic’s I am fearful for. Your “stuff” is under the radar….and for that very reason, YOU ARE IN GRAVE DANGER. There is not a lot of pressure to make you face your “it”….. HOWEVER, you must confront that which comes between you and access to life to the fullest!!!!

It may be a little jealousy here or a little misinformation there… however minor, they are counterfeit. It is an inferior reality we numb ourselves with, while all along we could be living the Superior Reality of INTIMACY with the Father.

No matter what it is, we cannot beat it with will power. Beating it is not even the point. “It” has distracted us from the Lover of our very soul. You cannot “beat” a distraction. It is pain and fear we are trying to distract ourselves from. Can one “beat” pain with an iron will?

No, YOU SURRENDER!!! You give up doing it on your own. And you accept that you are clothed in Fathers Favor.

And you REST.

And you WORSHIP.

And you BELIEVE.

You believe what HE says about you in the calm under HIS covering.

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