The Rest of the Real Story

Picking up where we left off in the story… The creator of the universe chose to go on the worst journey imaginable (remember, it began with Christmas) because he knew what had to be done and He chose to die. God set up the rules and couldn’t go against them. He set it up that the punishment for all who had sinned was death. Something had to be done about the unbelief of all people. Somebody had to pay the payment for our lack of belief, someone had to die. So the only one who never sinned, the only one who didn’t deserve death – chose it! Jesus said, “I’ll go.” I’ll leave the ultimate home, I’ll leave heaven. “I love these people too much to let them die, I’ll go.” And He did. Three days later he conquered death, and with that offering us the greatest Christmas gift ever. Real life, life forever, life in relationship with himself, the way it was always intended.

That’s probably a little different Christmas story than you’ve heard. It’s the real story and the real gift is God himself to you and me. The only thing God is asking us is to believe in him. To choose Him, to come home to him and be in a growing relationship with him this Christmas.

Don’t miss what Christmas is all about, it’s too important. Christmas has little to do with presents and kids out of school and great food, and has everything to do with God sending his Son to earth to give us life and teach us to believe. He is the ultimate Joy to the world.

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