The painfulness that is Christian music

I’m not a big fan of mainstream Christian worship music.  Let’s face it,  most of the songs are about “me”.  One of my least favorite lyrics: “I’m here to meet with you, come and meet with me, I’m hear to find you, reveal yourself to me.”  Painful!  That lyric, along with many of the other songs being sung by faithful parishioners, leads us to think that we are the initiator of of faith and time alone with God.

There is a song that came out a few years ago that is palatable, mainly because it is scripture put to music.   “A single day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.”  (Ps 84:10)  The original artist knows this statement to be true because he has experienced it.  You can tell from the rest of the Psalm that he has put his faith, his belief in the Lord, and He has saved his life.

Do I believe this?  Do I live this way?  Do I consider today as the best day, simply because I am in the presence of God?  The answer: NO.  I ofter worry and wonder and miss out on the sheer joy of being in your courts.  Even though the invitation is there today, I often trade in that invitation for my own “me centered” version of life.

Prayer:  Lord, forgive me for complicating my relationship with you.  Help me to enjoy being in your presence today.  Amen

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