The mystery is a Who

One of the most incredible truths a learned in 2011 is that the mystery is a who.  For a number of years I have been mildly aware of the biblical reality that Jesus lives in us.  Col 1:27  tells us of the mystery, “To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  I had read this passage quite a bit, but in 2011 this concept came alive for me.  The mystery is not a “which” it is a “who”.

In no way am I a Greek scholar, but I often do my morning reading of the NT in the Greek Interlinear.  As I read Col 1:27 last January I was stopped in my tracks by two letters, “os.  That is the the Greek word that goes with “Christ in you”.  A better translation than “which is Christ in you”, is “the mystery, who is Christ in you.”  The mystery is a who!  Jesus, the invisible expression of the invisible God, has made His dwelling in us!  He is not only the God who came to earth in the form of a little baby, but He is the God who mysteriously is in us.  We have no need to go searching for God, He is in us!

These two letters, “os, were enough to get me to take a second look at the unbelievable reality that the God of the universe chooses to make His dwelling in us.  As I reflect on Jesus in the manger this Christmas I am also reminded that Jesus is no longer in the manger or on the cross, he is in me…

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