The Man who makes God his trust

“How blessed is the man who makes God his trust.” (Ps 40:4)

To make God our trust, to truly have Him as the anchor of my life… For many years I tried to make other things my trust: money, security, friendships, my relationship with my wife. My identity was what I did or who I was with, not who I am in Jesus. If I am completely honest, all of these things are still a temptation.

In many ways it’s easier to put my trust in tangible things. That way, if I work hard enough I can attain a desired goal.  The problem is in the pursuit.   If, for instance, my trust is primarily in my work, financial provision, etc, then in the process of attaining that goal I realize that it doesn’t ultimately fulfill me.   If my trust is primarily in a relationship(s), I realize sooner or later that I was designed first for relationship with God, and all other relationships are secondary.  True contentment only comes when my first allegiance is Jesus. He is the only one who can truly satisfy my deepest longings.

Prayer: Oh Daddy, help me to put my trust in you today, and not in other things. I am yours. Amen

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