The Lord will show up

“But suppose I can’t find a young woman willing to come back with me?(servant) …You will, (said Abraham) for the Lord, in whose presence I have walked, will send his angel with you and your mission will be successful.” (Gen 24:39)

The servant is anxious, worried and unsure of his mission. Abraham is sending him back to their homeland to find a wife for Isaac, his beloved son. Abraham has absolutely no doubt that the Lord will provide a wife. He is not sure how or who, but he knows the Lord is going to come through. My guess is that he remembers back to Mt. Moriah where the Lord provided a ram in place of sacrifice for his son. This man has unwavering faith.

The three “will’s” in this verse are the practical steps of faith for Abraham that day. “You will (find a wife), the Lord will send his angel, your mission will be successful.” Abraham doesn’t know for sure that any of this will happen, but after walking in the presence of God he is confident of the outcome.

Prayer: Lord, help me to walk in your presence today. Give me the unwavering confidence that you will provide, that you will show up, and that my mission, whatever you have for me today, will be successful. Amen

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