“The Lord will Provide”

“Abraham called the name of that place Moriah, which means, The Lord Will Provide” (Gen 22:14)

I remember where I was sitting in class when I heard that story.  Even though it was a well known story, it was as if I was hearing it for the first time.  When the teacher said, “So Abraham called the name of the place Moriah, which means, The Lord Will Provide”, I heard that strong voice of the Lord say, “That is to be your daughters name.”  I love getting to read that story again this morning, and getting to reflect of the Lord’s provision.  When He spoke and I came home to tell Anna, I thought the name was simply about Him providing a daughter after trying for a few years.  Anna helped me unpack it further and pointed out that provision, belief, trust is something that I would often freak out about.   In spite of the Lord’s provision over and over again in our ministry lifestyle, if I couldn’t see how it was going to all work out I would begin to panic.  I would like to say that the Lord has shifted my thinking in this regard.  Having Moriah running around each day helps a lot.  I think I am more at the place of “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”.  The reality is, however, that the Lord will provide in His perfect way and in His perfect time.

Prayer: Lord I do believe that you can do this, all of the “this’s” in my life today.  You are the God that absolutely loves to be trusted.  Help me to trust you.  Amen

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