The Lord Will Provide

My oldest daughter turned 10 last week, what?! Without trying to sound too spiritual or freaky, her name came from the Lord. I was in a seminar one evening when my wife was pregnant, and the teacher was sharing about the story of Abraham and Isaac. What stood out to me in the story that day is that it took place on Mt. Moriah. The speaker finished the telling of the story by saying, “Abraham called the name of that place, The Lord will provide. In the mount of the Lord it will be provided.” (Gen 22:14) As that section of teaching came to a close I heard from the Lord, “This is to be your daughter’s name.” You can imagine the scene at home later that night with my wife. First of all, Moriah wasn’t on the short list of names we were considering. Second, how was I supposed to tell Anna that the Lord told me our daughter’s name? I went home, gave Anna the play-by-play and she responded very graciously, “If that is what the Lord told you then Moriah it is.”

Moriah means, “the Lord will provide.” This week I wrote this to my little girl in her 10th birthday card.


  • it’s who you are in so many ways! I don’t know if we have ever told you, but your Mom and I had a hard time getting pregnant. It took almost three years and we wondered if we were going to need to adopt. Then one day we found out your Mom was pregnant and we were so thrilled!!! The Lord provided you as our first daughter.
  • Twenty years ago your Mom and I both left our jobs that we were doing, she was selling shoes to athletes and I was working for a business counting money. The Lord told us both to leave our jobs and work with teenagers. We went to work for Young Life and He has provided the money we need to live every day since. Your name is a reminder of how God always takes care of our family.
  • Your name teaches you and us to put our relationship with God first above everything else. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son because he loved God most. God the Father was willing to sacrifice Jesus on the cross because he loved YOU MOST!

Did you know Moriah that you are God’s favorite! He is your true Father and he loves you so much. I get to love you too and be your Dad here on earth. I get to provide for you and teach you, but most of all I get to point you to your real Father. You are loved Moriah, so so loved by Him and by me. You are His daughter and you are my daughter and I get to love you along with Him. I love it and I love you!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.


You Dad

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[…] I’ve mentioned before that our first daughter’s names came from the Lord. In the spirit of being a gentleman Anna chose if we were going to find out what we were having with our first child. Once she got pregnant the second time it was my turn to choose! I like to be surprised so we opted not to find out what we were having. This made it a little difficult to come up with a name for our second child. Since the Lord had been so clear about our first daughters’ name, I was confident that He would do the same with our second child. I was kayaking with my buddy Ryan when my wife was 7 months pregnant with our second. I didn’t set out from shore that day with the intent that I would get the name, but God spoke clearly to me just as we finishing a long day of paddling. What I heard was, “You are having a son and his name will be Elijah.” I know, this could sound a little creepy, but I am telling the truth. Once we got all of the gear out of our kayak and set up camp I headed off to a clearing with my Bible to remind myself of the biblical meaning of Elijah’s name. […]

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