The Lord is a Warrior

“The Lord is a warrior, The Lord is his name!” (Ex 15:3)

Talk about a powerful verse!  That is who is on Moses’ side, and my side also.  Earlier in Exodus, when Moses was nervous to go tell Pharoah to let the people go, Moses asked God, “Who should I tell him sent me?”  God:  “tell him I AM sent you.”  I AM, in it’s most basic Hebrew language form is “BE”.  The word BEcame flesh, The world BEheld, BE still, and most of all BEloved.  That is who came, BE.  That same BE, I AM is a warrior, fighting on our behalf.  When Pharoah chased after the Isrealites it appeared that God’s people would be killed.  But BE, I AM showed up once again, parted the water and saved his people.

Prayer:  Lord, may I remember today that you are a warrior.  It’s so easy to think of you as a sweet shepherd tending his sheep.  Give me a clear picture today of I AM.  I am yours.  Amen

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