The List

I had a profession my freshman year of college who taught a class called, Life Learning Skills.  Gotta love college and the things they give you credit for.  I’m not sure if bowling or pickleball class was my ultimate favorite, but Life Learning Skills was definitely in the top grouping.  Every Tues and Thursday we walked into class at 7:00 am, (he only offered it at this time as part of our “life learning” ) and the first thing out of his mouth, in an unusually cheery voice for 7a was, “Take a pen and paper do it do it!  Write down 10 good things that have already happened to you today.  You’ve already had so many good things happen you can’t even list them all.”  At first it was hard to do, but as the semester went on I began to grasp what he was getting at, gratitude.  I have continued this ritual off and on since that class many years ago.  Any time I am doubting God, or why I am in a certain perdicament, I pull out my journal and write my list.

The Psalmist must have had his own version of the list.  “When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” (Ps 94:19) Somehow in our messed up heads we think that because we follow Jesus doubts should not come into play in our life.   The reality is that doubts do come.  It’s a part of life, part of the journey of belief that we get to be on with the Lord.  It’s not disobedience to let doubt creep in, the question is, Do we stay there? Is doubt our standard frame of mind?  Disobedience comes when we live in a place of doubt, not believing that God can handle whatever situation we are in.  The Psalmist tells us that God’s comfort gives us renewed hope and excitement.  We need only look around to see all that the Lord is up to in our lives.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to see all that you are doing today.  Help me to notice your amazing work.  Forgive me for my doubt.  Amen

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