The bad theology of church signs

“Get off Facebook and into my Book – God”

Wow, what a great idea, identify what the culture is into and then blast it!  That will convict hearts and get people reading  the Word of God.  I often wonder if the people making up these signs know of the love of Jesus.   Jesus’ model was to enter into the culture, as Peterson puts it, He “moved into our neighborhood” (John 1:14), and to engage in relationship with the people.   Jesus did not blast what the “sinners and tax collectors” were doing, but instead kept his most convicting words for the religious people.

I agree that Facebook can easily replace authentic relationship, but how about we as the church reach out to people and establish friendships, rather than condemn what the culture is doing to try and fill the void for relationship with God and others.   I also agree that the whole concept behind being someone’s “friend” on Facebook is bogus.  Friend is a bad term for someone you “accept” and rarely ever connect with.  What better time for those that follow Jesus to model real relationship, and offer it to those who are without.

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