The Adventure Ends… Or was it just beginning

7:00 AM I awoke to a beautiful morning and view of Mt. Baker.  Ryan slept in until 8:30 and we enjoyed time alone with the Lord to begin the day. Before I get into the highlight, or “lowlights” as they may be of our final day on the water, I would like to interject a few thoughts from our trip.  What would compel two guys who didn’t know each other very well and didn’t have a clue about kayaking to set out on this voyage?  One word: adventure.  We were all born for adventure.  We were created by a God who is all about adventure, and invites us into a great adventure every day.  The adventure of trying something new like kayaking.  The adventure of getting to know someone beyond the surface.  The adventure of getting away from the quite to get time with Jesus.  And man did we find adventure on this trip! 

An adventure like this got us out of our day-to-day lives to remind us that we were created for more.  Connection with God and deep relationship with others cannot be replace by technology and the fast paced culture that tells us we are as valuable as we are useful.  We must get away and accept the invitation from God to do life with Him and others. 

After a breakfast of odwalla bars we hit the water for what we thought would be a short paddle back to the car.  Yeah, that wasn’t correct.  You see, there was this buoy just before we get to Guemas Island we passed on one side of our boat as we paddled our arms off…….you guessed it, we were not moving. An hour later we passed the same buoy, this time it was on the other side of our boat. Decision time! Do we let the waters take us and hope Guemas channel is ebbing, or do we try to go around the other side of the island. We opt for the latter and it was game on!

The hurricane force wind was blowing 200 miles an hour directly in our faces….. ok, maybe 15 mph, but it was difficult nonetheless.  We were weaving in and out of seaweed and moss so thick we thought we were in the swamps of Duck Lake.  Frustrated, we opted for over an hour of silence where all we did was paddle as hard as we could. We had 2 to 3 breaks during what became a 6 hour paddle. We finally made it around the Point of Guemas Island where we could see we were far from finished.

First and foremost, we were not quite sure where we were or where we should point our kayak. We got out into open water and exposed ourselves to side winds that were causing whitecaps.  We couldn’t feel our arms at this point.  Paddling had become a habitual movement.  Ryan says, “Is that our marina point?” My thinking is, “I don’t care if it’s our marina or not, we are getting out of this CRAFT!” By 4:00p we rounded the rock wall that protects the marina, squeezed passed the pole in the water like we know what we are doing, and ALL IS WELL. No more wind, no more sun beating down, no more throbbing arms and wet pants. We rest our paddles on the boat and take in the moment, and then finished the day with a “paddle high-5” as we stood in the mud at the shore. We quickly removed the boat from the water, secured it to the top of the car, dressed in dry clothes, grabbed a sub sandwich and pointed that kayak toward home…..It was indeed an adventure, and we were thankful we made the voyage! 

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