That dog can run!

Our dog flat loves to run! I got home from work yesterday in time to get outside before the sun went down.   I loaded kids in the stroller and said that coveted word to Lucy: walk. She freaked out and danced around til I got her leash on. We live close to a dog park and she awaits the moment when I let her off her leash to run wild, and man does she run! She is fully alive when she is in a dead sprint. What is it in her that makes her come alive running, and what is it in me that makes me come alive?

In the story of Ruth, Boaz had a sense of purpose of what made him come alive. It was relationship with the Lord, and the woman picking grain in his fields. (Ruth 2-4) Eventually, he won Ruth’s heart and took her as his wife. Because of his faithfulness to God and Ruth’s faithfulness, the Lord allowed them to be the grandparents of David in the bloodline of Jesus. Pretty great legacy.

It’s amazing what happens when we make relationship with the Father our priority and carry out the passions that He gives us. Somewhere along the way we too become  fully alive.


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