Texas/OU Weekend


If you are a fan of college football, but haven’t made the trip to see Big Tex at the fairgrounds and be part of the Red River Rivalry, get it on your calendar for 2010!!!  Even since my move to Seattle 8 years ago, I still manage to make it back to the Lone Star State to take in this annual delight.

The scene:  The State Fair of Texas Fairgrounds.  You can’t really say you have experience a fair until have wolfed down a corny dog at State Fair of Texas.  Do give you an idea of the size of this venue, the Cotton Bowl, which seats 92,000, sits inside the fairgrounds.  It’s Texas sized!

Saturday morning at 9A the Gameday boys will broadcast live from inside the fairgrounds.  This has become an annual trip for the GD crew.  I am convinced that the SEC intentionally schedules their weaker games this weekend to not be overshadowed by this epic rivalry.  This years classic has all of the makings for another incredible match up.  Bradford is back and the UT defense is excited!  When asked how much of Muschamp’s playbook the Longhorns have utilized in the first five games, Muckelroy paused. Then he smiled.  “We’ve got a big playbook,” he said.

McCoy and Shipley love this stage.  Both are positioned for a heismanesque performance, as their connection could be the difference Saturday morning.  We have got to figure out a way to establish the run early and then get the ball to our freaks through the air.  Our defense is the best I have seen is 10 years.  Look for Kindle to have the performance of his life, as he is thankful that his prayers were answered that Bradford is back in the lineup.

This years’ journey will be similar to many others, with one great addition.  We are tailgating starting at 5PM on Friday, camping out at the tailgate, and heading into the fairgrounds for the second hr of Game Day.  Even after 12 years of attending this showdown, I will still get chills as I walk up the stairs to our seats and look out at a sea of orange and red.  The stadium is divided at the 50 yard line.  Half Horns, half Sooners.  Listen for the cannon to go off a lot Saturday.  We are going to win and we are going to win big!  Hook em!

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