“What is success?”, is a question that has many different answers.  I’m going to take a couple of days this week to unpack what I think success was/is to Jesus…here goes.

In Jesus’ life, it seems that success was measured first by connectedness with the Father.  Where did he get his strength from, where did he get his identity from?  Time alone with the Father.  That was the most important thing to him, so as we seek to pattern our lives after him, it seems that “success” should first me measured my that.  It is so much more than, “Did I have a quite time today?”  We can easily check that off the list.

Maybe the questions are: Did I encounter the living God today?  Did I pay attention to what He says about me throughout the day, or did I listen to the many lies of the world or in my own head?  Did the voice of God become stronger in me today?  Did I create space for God to get at me today?

As we consider the success of Jesus, his unwavering priority of connecting with God the Father is at the top of the list. (more to come…)

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