Talk about a trigger word for us as guys.  We all want success, and as much as we try to have a good perspective about it, success means that we are praised for what we do, others look at us with favor, and somewhere in the equation is money.  I was reading 2 Chron (doesn’t get the most press) and ran across this verse:  “Hezekiah sought his God wholeheartedly, and as a result he was very successful.”  (31:21).

How about that for a recipe for success, seeking the Lord with all of our heart.  Hezekiah just kept making decisions that were honoring to the Lord.  He reopened the Temple, prayed over people who weren’t “cleansed”, and planned Passover and other festivals for the people.  Bottom line, this guy served others and it was pleasing to the Lord.

This version of success is the opposite of our cultural definition.  In order to achieve “success” there is an unspoken expectation of putting self first and doing whatever it takes to achieve the things we want.  God’s economy is the opposite.  He tells us, “serve, seek my face, bring others together in my name, that is true success.”

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i really like this Shawn. especially that he was praying for people that weren’t ‘cleansed’ he understood Gods heart and wasn’t just following a rule book. been reading your old blogs and it’s very encouraging. thank you for being such a godly example, godly man, godly husband, and godly father. i wish i knew more people like you. we should get together sometime.

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