Eight years ago my wife and I heard of a way of teaching the Bible called “Story-ing.”  This method was originally developed by missionaries and used oversees as a tool to communicate the story of God.  A couple of guys from Tacoma took this method and wrote a comprehensive set of stories that walks a person or group of people through God’s story.  It is 22 stories the first one set just before Creation and the last one ending with the forming of the church in Acts. 

At the time we learned of this method of teaching I was working as the director for Young Life in Auburn, WA.  Eight of the core leaders and I went through an 8 week training taught by one of the two guys who wrote the curriculum, and it was fascinating!  I was listening to stories I had heard  (and even told) for years, and they were coming alive in a new way!   After completing the training, my wife and I lead 8 high school seniors through the stories and they loved it.  Other leaders who were trained along with me were doing the same and seeing similar results.  It was an exciting season of walking with teenagers through the story of God.  Little did we know where God’s story would take us…

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