“Stop bugging me!”

The guy loved to tell stories.  Every time he was asked an important question, he started his answer with a story.  This particular day was no different.  The chapter of Luke 18 starts with: “Now Jesus told them a story to illustrate their need for constant prayer.”  (v.1)  He goes on to talk about a widow who kept going to a judge for protection.  Day after day she would get turned away, but eventually he gave in because “she bothers me” (v.5).   This judges was wicked and did not fear God, but eventually gave in.

There are a number of others stories that Jesus tells about persistence.  In these stories he is letting his followers in on a basic truth: perseverance is key.  He simply wants them to not give up, to keep showing up in the presence of God, and to believe that God will take care of the situation at hand.

Prayer: I have lost the art of truly petitioning to the Lord on behalf of family, friends, and others.  I have become self-focused in my prayers.  Have mercy on me.   Give me vision for others and the perseverance and belief to stay by the gate and pray.  Amen

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