So Damn Selfish

I absolutely love our kids, but sometimes I practically count the minutes til we close the door to put the last one down for bed.  Everything in me wants to be present and engaged with them, but the selfishness takes over, and what I really want to do is go sit on the couch and veg.  We want so much to keep our lives for ourselves.  We want to be in control, to gain things on our terms, to plan it all out, to be safe and secure.   We even want to care for others and be compassionate at our convenience.

Jesus knows our tendencies, and has these words for us: “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must put aside your selfish ambition.”  (Lk 9:23)  That is a challenge at the deepest core of who we are.  The truth is that we are indeed very selfish.  It seems that the only way to “put away” is to surrender.  To say, “Lord, I am selfish.  I can’t do this one my own.  I want to be like you, change me.”  On our own we will never get past our selfishness. however, by getting time with Jesus today He can begin to change me and make me like himself.

Prayer:  Lord change me.  Have mercy on me.  Amen

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