Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens

I love that scene in Tombstone when Doc Holiday comes out into the middle of the street and challenges one of the cowboys who is threatening the Earp family.  With gun in his holster he says, “Go ahead skin it.  Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens.”  At the end of John 2 Jesus lays down a similar challenge.  He predicts his death for the first time by saying,  “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” (v.19)  “So when he raised from the dead, His disciples remembered He said this and they believed…” (v. 22)  The disciples were privy to the full story from the beginning.  They weren’t sure how it would play out or when, but as the events unfolded they had distinct memory of what Jesus said to them in the beginning of his ministry.

We too are insiders who have the whole story.  Do we believe?  Through the Gospel stories we are introduced to Jesus, learn of his ways and ultimately see his big vision played out through his death and resurrection.  Does this change the way we live?  What Jesus did through the Cross was a game changer!  He tried to get his disciples to see this and also wants us to see it.  He wants us to live differently because of what he did.

As we find ourselves on the other side of Easter once again, may we live our lives as the disciples did after the resurrection.  Each of them went to their death believing and proclaiming Jesus as the Christ.

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