Singular Focus

Today is December 1st and we have already been mentored on the meaning of Advent by our 3-year old daughter, Hadassah. As I (Anna) began pulling out the Christmas decorations last weekend, Moriah and Elijah were eager to set up their Nativity scene. Hadassah was very curious about it. She played with it for a while and then eventually moved on to other things.

Now in order to full appreciate this story, you have to know a little about Hadassah. She is a spitfire. We have nick-named her the “Honeybadger”, because most of the time around our house, she is right in the middle of the action, and does what she wants when she wants.

It was a typical evening at our house with Hadassah wanting Daddy’s undivided attention. Usually she would attempt to get her way and become the focus. Instead she disappeared into the living room where the Nativity had been set up. After 10 minutes or so, I realized it was a little too quiet and began to wonder what trouble Hadassah had gotten herself into. It was very unlike her to leave the action! I went into the living room and the scene was something I hope I can hold on to and never forget…

Dassi Nativity

She was sitting in the living room with the lights low.   Dasi had removed all of the other characters and animals from the Navity scene and was playing with baby Jesus, only baby Jesus! Her playing quietly by herself in another room is a Christmas miracle in itself, but to see her singular focus on Jesus caused me to pause. Maybe she is on to something? Maybe that is what Advent is about?…getting everything else out of the way and focusing all our attention on Jesus.

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