One of the highlights for me each year is to go and visit Father Rock.  He is a retired Catholic priest who lives in the hills of Oregon in a private lake community.  Since retirement, Father Rock spends his days ministering to men by having them come to “Rockhaven” for retreat.  Each year I go to see him with a few guys and we have a great time.  We eat Italian food, go on walks with homemade walking sticks, drink good wine and talk about life.

One of Rock’s staple teachings is ROD.  Rhythm, Order, Discipline.  Father Rock’s teaches how Jesus lived his life with rhythm, order and discipline.  RHYTHM: that which occurs regularly, what is repeated and expected.  The human body has natural rhythms, thus rhythm is helpful to the accomplishment of all things human.

How do we develop rhythm in our life? (According to Rock)

  1. Plan the day with broad expectation
  2. Set priorities from urgency, importance, helpfulness
  3. Do what needs to be done today
  4. Take care of peoples’ needs first them work things
  5. Make prayer part of your daily rhythm
  6. Do major work when you have major energy.

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