(this blog is a part 2, if you will, of my last one: Rest)

The second part of Is 30:15 says, “In quietness and truth is your strength.”  We think rest is  a foreign concept, what about quiet.  We will subconsciously do everything we can to avoid quiet.  Our culture and society doesn’t help the cause.  Music, tv, movies, gaming devices, are so easily accessible at all times that is becomes  second nature for us to turn something on, or put little white ear phones in our ears.  Let’s face it, our day is often filled up with distractions.

And truth, what is truth?  I think Pilot was onto something when he asked Jesus that question hours before the crucifixion.  We certainly don’t hear the truth without seeking it today.  The news, media, advertisements, magazine covers at the checkout counter, they are filled with lies.  Lies about how life should be lived, lies about what is really important, lies about who we are, how we should look and act and what we are worth.  The only way to bombard these lies is by listening to the truth.  Scripture is the only place we can consistently be exposed to the truth.  Every page is filled with God’s unspeakable love for us, his pursuit of us, and his way of doing life.  Actually, Scripture is not the only place to get that, quiet, sitting and listening to, as Nouwen so eloquently puts it, the voice of the one who calls us the Beloved, is also a big part of the answer to the question.

Return, Rest, Quiet, Truth: may we go after these things today, for Isaiah, and more importantly, our Creator, promised salvation and strength from these pursuits.

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