Present Tense

I’m a big fan of Friday.  There is something about it.  It’s a bit easier to get up, and the weekend is coming.  Love it!  This morning I read one of the Psalms about God’s people, the Isrealites.  They were confident that the Lord was with them.  “Now the Lord will live among us here.” (Ps 68:18)  My first thought is, “Man how great would that be.”  Oh wait, He is…  We are God’s people today, and He is living among us.  Easter season helps remind us of that.

If you attend any sort of traditional church you most likely Sunday morning, “He is Risen” and you responded with, “He is Risen indeed!”  I love the IS statement in that.  The logical grammar there would be, “He has Risen”, but not with God.  When one of the high priests asks Jesus who he was, he said “I AM”,  another present tense.    The reality is that He is alive and well here with us.  He is active, present, we are not alone.  May we enjoy His presence today.

Prayer:  Lord, often it seems like I am on my own.  Help me today to remember Easter as well as the words of the Psalmist.  You are with me, I am not alone.  Thanks be to God.  Amen

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