Peace That Counteracts Fear

(see previous post) Timmons opening statement about PEACE:

“Jesus was all about peace.  Peace is not just absence of conflict or cessation of the battles waging in and around us.  It is a sense of inner calm that all is going to be alright.”  

I realize this is skipping ahead in the story, but Jesus’ first message when he came back after his death is a great summation of what He wants to offer us today. Here’s the scene. (John 20:19-21) Jesus’ friends had heard about Him being raised from the dead and they were afraid.  Witnesses had seen them with Jesus.  What would the soldiers do to them?  So they hid in a small room afraid and alone. That’s when Jesus shows up.  He’s got perfect timing.  All throughout his life on earth he had perfect timing.  He always seemed to show up at the right time, when he was needed the most.  This time wasn’t any different.

“Jesus came and stood right in the middle of them and said, ‘Peace be with you”.  It’s exactly what they needed.  They were afraid and alone, and Jesus gave them peace.  In the year 2013, it’s what we need to hear, too.  “Peace be with you!’”  In a world where most us are experiencing anything but that inner calm that all is going to be alright, this is a great message.   We need to hear “Peace be with you!”

What’s your choice today, PEACE or FEAR?  Doing today with Jesus is our only chance for peace.   Jesus said, “Peace be with you” to his friends, and he says the same thing to you and me.  He wants to take the fear out of our lives and give us peace. 

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