Paying attention

I love Henry Nouwen’s Def of solitude – Being with God and God alone.  As we consider a lifestyle of prayer, we have to honestly ask ourselves if there is any space for that in our life.   NO matter what our vocation, we have each been invited to participate with God in his work, however, if we don’t get time alone with him, then we can’t even be aware of what our part is.  If Jesus often spent time in solitude, I believe that he is asking us to do that as well.  The most significant thing that we can do in our time with the Lord:    listen to His voice, the voice of the one that calls us Beloved.  That is essentially what prayer is: listening to God.

To Pray is to pay attention to what God is doing.  We have been brainwashed to think that prayer is about us petitioning to God for stuff: difficulties, stress, other people, etc.  While that is one aspect of prayer, it is a very small aspect.   Our part is to pay attention.  God is at work at all times and would love for us to participate with Him in all that He is up to.

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