Overnight Trip w Daddy

Took Elijah (almost 4 years old) on his first kayak overnight, and it was amazing! Uncle John, Anna’s brother, and I loaded up our double kayak (John rigged up a seat for Elijah in the cargo area) and we put in by the ferry in West Seattle. We got on the water about 3PM and paddled for an hr and a half to Blake Island. The weather was beyond good, but watching Elijah experience new things over and over again was the real highlight of the trip.

As we pulled out of the house, leaving his sisters behind, he had a big smile on his face. He knew this was a special day. After a few miles of driving he got my attention and said, “Daddy, this is great!” Elijah loved setting up the tent, and helping get things ready for supper. After our meal we went down to the beach to collect “treasures”. Elijah’s favorite thing by the water was the “jumpy frogs”, tiny little bugs that hop on the beach. We watched the sunset together and Elijah said goodnight to the sun. He did amazing for his first night in a tent. Slept between Uncle John and me, and cuddled up to us every chance he got. I loved making up in the night a few times and seeing my son sleeping right next to me in the tent. So good.

We kept a pretty slow pace the next morning. We all (including Elijah) had coffee and walked the beach again. He devoured his biscuits and eggs and was ready for more adventures on the water. We paddled back to West Seattle late morning enjoying sunshine along with calm water. Of course Elijah couldn’t wait to get home and tell Momma and Sissy about his trip. He showed them the shells he collected and let them in on his first voyage with the guys. This will be the first of many trips away with Daddy….

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I loved reading the details of your adventure and seeing the photos from John. You’re building wonderful memories for all three of you!

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