Our first date

I took my daughter Moriah (3) on our first official date Saturday.  I worked out the babysitting with Nana, as Anna was gone for the day, and Moriah and I headed out to Disney on Ice!   As I backed out of the driveway I looked back at Moriah and she said, “Daddy, Elijah is staying home and Nana is staying home, and we’re going!”  This girl knew something was different about this day.  As we arrived to Disney on Ice, she was overwhelmed by the scene.  Little girls in Princess dresses, boys sporting “Cars” on their heads, and a lot of colors and excitement.  As we went to sit down in our seats I pulled her seat chair down for her and she said, “No Daddy, I want to do it.”  (she was so proud that she was going to sit in a big girl chair by her daddy).

Once the show begin, Moriah would grab my leg each time a new character would skate out on the ice.  “Daddy, it’s Goofy, Daddy it’s Little Mermaid, Daddy it’s Tink!”  Some of the time she would leave her hand on my knee or hold my hand.  At intermission we walked around and she continued to point out things that she was seeing, making sure that I was sharing in her joy.  It was a wonderful first date, the first of many days when I can make her feel extra special and let her know that she is beautiful, and lovely,  a true princess.

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I loved reading this! What a precious memory for you, Shawn and for Moriah! You’re laying good groundwork for a lifetime of communication!

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