One Thing

One of my friends decided that this year he would pick one thing to focus on for 2013. Not a long list of resolutions, but one significant shift that could have impact on other aspects of life. If you were to do that, what would it be? If you could imagine yourself one year from now with one area of your life noticeably different, what would you desire? What is that thing that has always haunted you? Maybe you have tried 20 times to change it, but you always end up in the same place after a short while.

Recently a different friend of mine joined AA. He had tried countless time to manage things on his own, and he finally decided it was time to change. After a few weeks of nightly meetings, he asked one of the veterans guys as they were leaving, “Am I going to beat this?” The guy replied, “Beat it, no way. You can beat this. The only way you get there is to surrender?” Sounds a lot like the message of Jesus to me. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart” (Matt 11:29)

As you think about 2013, what is the one thing you have tried to change on your own many times? Are you ready to surrender it to Jesus and ask Him to show you the way to healing and wholeness?

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