One day is better…really?

Only someone who has truly experienced being alone with the living God can write about it.  And only another who has had the same experience can understand the writings:  “How lovely is your dwelling place, Oh God of Angel Armies.  I long, yes, I even faint to enter the courts of the Lord…A single day in your courts (in your presence) is better than anything else!” (Ps 84:1-2, 10)

This poet has learned the mystery of sitting alone with God, and it has transformed his life!  Everything else has become secondary.  He dared to create time in his daily life to be with God and God alone, and it “ruined” him.  Once he tasted of the Lord, no other person or thing could quench his thirst.

Do I live this way?  Do I think this way?  Am I even close to believing that one day with the living God is better than anything else?  What I do know is that I have experienced this dwelling place to poet writes about.  I also know that the only place to receive life is through being with God.  We will never understand this until we attempt it.

When asked what she did in her daily time with the Lord, Mother Teresa said, “I listen”.  “And what is God doing?”, asked the interviewer.  “He’s listening”

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