Obstacles to friendship with others

You and I were designed for meaningful friendship with others, it’s part of our DNA. I have not met anyone who is genuinely ok w themselves who does not have good friends. If this is not something you are currently experiencing, true biblical friendship w a few others, my guess is that it’s because of busyness or because you have been disappointed by failed friendship in the past. Two thoughts: If it’s busyness, reorient your priorities. Being in growing friendship with a few other who are also interested in growing in friendship w Jesus is one of the best things of life. I’ve tried life both ways, and I’m telling you, living life w others is the way to go.

The other main reason besides busyness is the disappointment piece. Maybe you’ve tried having a true biblical friendship w a few other and got burned. My encouragement, do it anyway, it’s worth it! The way to start is to pick one person, just one, and let them know that you are interested in an intentional friendship around Jesus w them. If they want in, great! If not, do your best to survive that disappointment, and ask someone else. Remember, WE ARE ALL DESIGNED FOR FELLOWSHIP!!!! It’s a big part of how God made us. If you would risk and invite another person into this, they will most likely jump at the chance, because their soul longs to be known, really known by a few.

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