Now that’s some good water!

Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.  At the beginning of John 4 we meet a woman who shows up to the watering well during a time when no one else was drawing water. There was a reason for this.  All of the women who followed the path of morality went to the well in the morning.  As we later find out from the story, this woman had multiple extra-marital affairs and was shunned by people in town.  As a result of her choices she had to go get water by herself in the heat of the day.

When Jesus meets this woman at the well, she has a number of questions for him.  Eventually, Jesus tells her about water that is available to her that will cause her to never have to thirst again.  Instead of responding with skepticism or unbelief, she replies, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.” (v.15)  In order to make this statement to Jesus, she has to have some inkling that this water in actually available.  Before Jesus gives her this proverbial water, he returns to the theme of his first sermon from Mark 1, “repent and believe.”  He asks her about the affairs and invites her to rethink her life and the decisions she is making.  She obviously does this, as we see her leave her water jar behind and go into town to tell the people about this one who could be the Messiah.

This woman belief altered her path in life.  Her encounter with Jesus changed  everything!  No longer could she live in the lifestyle of sin and deceit.  Jesus invited her to put aside her old life and live into the life that He had created for her from the beginning.  She chose to believe that day and as a result her life was never the same again.

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One other read on the woman centers less on the possibility of her being immoral…and more on the
likelihood that she was one of those women passed around from man to man when they were done with her. Remember that divorce was a man’s right, not a womans. And often women who were caught having affairs were stoned to death. Jesus may have recognized her woundedness…and the possibility that she was treated as damaged goods. Either way, the word of grace was spoken to her
and it changed her life.


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